Astra 28 update

Our Teleco satellite system needed an update to receive programs from Astra 28.

We’d read this was possible for us to do and it was, with a bit of faffing.

To start with we had to dig out the lap top and get it charged up before we could load the teleco website to find our required download.

You’ll also need a printer cable to connect the laptop to your satellite receiver. Our receiver is hidden behind a panel, we also needed to remove our TV bracket to gain access to this.

From this point it’s very straight forward, the website gives detailed instructions.Basically you will connect the laptop to the receiver and run the download.

To be honest it took us longer to download a driver to run the update that to actually do the update. The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Camping Burgen

We arrived on the Mosel by driving down quite a steep tree lined road and then it just appeared. The Mosel in the valley, winding its way along the hillsides.

We eventually pitched up at Camping Burgen, a modern site on the banks of the Mosel but the riverside pitches appeared to be also boasted 2 dog walking areas( €25 refundable deposit for the key to access the areas) and a small pool.

On the far side was yet another castle, this one now owned by a school not not one to visit.The town had a helpful tourist information centre and plenty of places to eat.

On our second day, we took a drive into Cochem. A lovely town with a castle. Took a while to get some parking on the Motorhome section. annoyingly many spaces taken up by the smaller vans who could fit in a car space.

The streets were busy , clearly a popular destination to visit. Many of the bigger cruise ships coming through on a regular basis. ( Viking and riviera)

The mosel

Camp Mondseeland Austria (5310)

Heading north into the Austrian lakes was the plan but we didn’t anticipate how busy it would be.We tried maybe 6 sites around Wolfgangsee and Mondsee before we decided to head away from the lake and into the hills.

A short drive out of Mondsee we came across camping Mondseeland who had space, hooray!

The site is in a small farming hamlet set up above the lake in the hills, the views are stunning.

Camp Mondseeland

After being given a choice of 3 pitches, we chose one on the edge of the site but great views down the valley.

Next door to the site is a lovely restaurant, the food was good and they even made us custard to go with our strudel.

The site boasts a dog walking paddock, fishing pond, kids play area, wooded walk and fire pit and a great pool deck.The refuge and camper service point are probably the best we have seen and were spotlessly clean.

Pool deck

The next day we cycled into Mondsee and visited the Basilika st Micheal, it’s the church from the sound of music.

Basilika st Micheal

Stellplatz at Rothsee ( 91161)

Whilst in Austria a German family recommended this stop as it was close to their home town.

We found the details on campercontact and put them into the satnav which brought us right to the motorhome parking.There were probably 10 vans already parked when we arrived and we quickly found our spot.

We headed to the pay machine, €8 for 24 hours, less time was available if you wished.

Electric was via a different point which required us to add coins to activate. We popped €2 in.

After a brew and a rest we went off on the bikes to see what was around.There is plenty!

The parking is on the edge of a lake, this boasts a dog beach, swimming pontoon, boats, play area and mini golf.

Well for €8 I think I’ve got my monies worth.

Slovenia into Austria using a go-box

We were up and away early with no real destination in mind other than a few nights in Austria. After a FB request for recommendation the lakes appeared a popular suggestion.

There were delays to pass through the final toll booths into Katawanken tunnel but after that it was clear for us heading north. Wish I could say the same for those heading south , the traffic was at a stand still with nothing being allowed into the tunnel.

Knowing we’d need a go-box for Austria we pulled into the first services and was greeted by an unhelpful petrol attendant who told us we need to go back to Slovenia to buy it. Faced with the delays we’d just passed we thought better of it. Surely they must be available in Austria. 🤷🏻‍♀️We headed to the restaurant where a lovely English speaking lady told us we could get one 20km up the road at the next service station.

Arriving at the service it was busy, fuel was considerably cheaper in Austria so every one was filling up.I grabbed our document folder for our van and headed into the shop.The one queue for paying for fuel was the one I needed to. I got to the front of the queue and gave all the necessary paper work required. The minimum top up was €75. About 10 minutes later I was off with my go-box and left the attendant with a very long queue. He had muttered something about sending something to the embassy but what that is I’ve not worked out yet. Still being on the road it’s not going to happen yet anyway.

The box goes in the front window and beeps when you go under a motorway gantry. You’ll need to set it depending on the number of axles your vehicle has but instructions come in English too so simple enough to follow.

What I did work out later was, I needed to send a copy our V5 and COC to prove our Euro rating. ( i did show both of these when we picked up the box)

I will also mention that I struggled to get a refund on the credit when I handed the go box back.

I had to ask for this a few times before it was refunded.

Lake Bled

What a beautiful place !!

I’m not going to spoil it with any more photos.

We cycled in from camping Sobec. It took us maybe no more than 15 minutes.

We firstly went around the edge of the town and then dropped down to the lake.

It was busy, traffic was queuing to get in,plenty of people were walking or cycling around the lake so we followed suit.

The path around is good and we soon found a cafe on the lakeside to stop and appreciate the views. It also served the traditional Bled cream cake, we shared one as the portion size was big.

Half way around is camping Bled, we had a quick look and soon realised camping Sobec was definitely a better option for a van of ours (7.4m)

There were places around Bled where you could hire a paddle board or bike and boats were also offering excursions.

All in all it is a stunning lake, I can’t imagine anyone could take a bad photo here.If you have not yet visited the lake, start planning!

Camping Sobec (4248)

After emailing the site they informed us there were no pitches to book as they were full but we were welcome to turn up for a standard pitch that can not be book( I know it makes no sense to us either)

So we were up and on the road before 9am for our hour and a bit drive north.

The route was lovely and quiet until we hit the bank holiday traffic heading for the lake. ( assumption day).

It was just like being at Windermere at Easter.

Soon enough we hit the entrance for camping Sobec and headed down the drive.

Joining the queue at checkin we were relieved to get a spot.No designated pitches here, anywhere in the green is fine we were told.

We found our spot and were soon pitched. It’s very much like the NT site at conniston.

Pitched close by were another British family from near us back home. These are the first we’ve seen to speak to since leaving France probably 10 days ago.

The site boast a lake for swimming, clear with a mountain back drop.A fast flowing river, we took the dogs here. Beautifully clear but a bit chilly. Numerous play areas and toilet blocks, shop, restaurant, mini golf, zip wire ….. more than enough.